Anderson Capital Partners casts a wide net when seeking out future endeavors to add to an already diversified business portfolio. The company has owned, operated, bought, and sold businesses and investment opportunities in over a dozen industries throughout the last half-century of operations. With a nimble and experienced management team evaluating potential investments, Anderson Capital Partners seeks to find growth in known markets as well as new niches uncovered through extensive research and networking.

Investment Methods:

Anderson Capital Partners targets opportunities in many business life cycle stages from ground up development to management and process restructuring.

When analyzing development projects, Anderson Capital Partners pursues sites or territories which are currently under-served in the proposed industry. This allows for first mover advantages where a concentrated effort to beat competition to the punch can facilitate profitability.

In past restructures of distressed businesses, Anderson Capital Partners has found that proven management practices and proper capitalization can be immediate value add opportunities to business in need of a guiding hand or growth financing.

Strategic Focus:

As stated, Anderson Capital Partners will assess all prospective opportunities at hand, particularly deals that include the following elements:

  1. Need for growth or expansion financing for a proven organization
  2. Strategic partnership opportunities which combine industry knowledge with business acumen and capital
  3. Untapped markets either via geographic region or new product development
  4. Buyout of distressed entity or ownership seeking to exit market


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